WOW!!! Emma Was Featured in The Eugene Register-Guard Newspaper!

Here is a direct link to the article!

Hey everyone! Our favorite 9-Year-Old Author Emma Phipps was featured in a newspaper article for the Eugene Register-Guard! It is super early in the morning right now but I wanted to get the link up here so you all can read it! Enjoy and make sure to share it around with those you know! Thank YOU Eugene Register-Guard!


Emma Phipps Reads “Nala’s Adoption Adventure” at the Eugene Public Library!

Emma was honored to read our children’s book Nala’s Adoption Adventure during Pajama Storytime at the Eugene Public Library today! She was so excited to share the story of how a lost, scared, and very pregnant Nala was saved through the power of animal adoption and rescue shelters! Here is a video showing the highlights of the day and it even includes a special guest at the library!


We would like to thank Cara Haakanson for inviting Emma, Nala, and Uncle Rob to Pajama Storytime so that Emma could share her love of dogs and passion for rescue shelters and animal adoption! Reading Nala’s Adoption Adventure at the Eugene Public Library was one of Emma’s dreams since we first started writing the book, and we thank you for the opportunity to fulfill that dream! Fantastic Tails LOVES the Eugene Public Library!!!

Emma Reading Nala’s Adoption Adventure during Pajama Story Time at the Eugene Public Library Was a Dream Come True for this 9 Year-Old Author!


Emma Phipps and Uncle Rob Anderson Standing Next to the Sign For Emma’s Reading of Nala’s Adoption Adventure at the Eugene Public Library!
Nala the Adopted Rescue Dog Waits Outside While Visiting the Eugene Public Library for Pajama Story Time!

Nala is Reunited With One of Her Puppies and Her Foster Mom Kate!

Emma and I were so happy to find Nala’s Foster Mom Kate and have a chance to reunite them and one of Nala’s puppies Benson at a local dog park! There is a story behind this awesome event that we want to share with you right after we show you this picture of our group all together!

Nala’s Foster Mom Kate, Uncle Rob, Emma & Her Parents, Nala, Nala’s Puppy Benson & His Adopted Family!

While Emma and I were writing the book Nala’s Adoption Adventure we would talk about how cool it would be to get together with Nala’s Foster Mom to let her see Nala again and to give her a signed copy of our book!

One day while doing research on the links in the book, Emma found Lucky Paws Rescue on Facebook (the rescue shelter that we adopted Nala from) and recognized Nala’s Foster Mom Kate as one of the people that worked with Lucky Paws! We were super excited to know that we had found Nala’s Foster Mom (we didn’t think that would ever happen!) and when we reached out to her, she was excited to see Nala again and to get a copy of the book as well! We had told Kate that she was a very important character in the book as the foster parent of rescue animals is a hero in our book!

There is a Facebook page for people who adopted Nala’s puppies and when we reached out to them to see if any of them could make it to this rescue dog reunion Benson and his family responded that they would be there! It was a beautiful day at the dog park and we were so grateful for Foster Mom Kate and Benson’s family for making it out to visit! It was truly a dream come true for Emma and me to be able to give our hero Kate a copy of the book Nala’s Adoption Adventure and to also have Benson and his family there to share in this wondrous occasion that celebrates the importance of adopting shelter animals as pets and saving lives!

Nala and her Puppy Benson Smiling and Relaxing on this Beautiful Day at this Shelter Dog Family Reunion!

Making Our First Donation From Book Sales To Lucky Paws Rescue!

Today was a very special day at Fantastic Tails for 9-year-old Author Emma Phipps and co-author “Uncle” Rob Anderson. We were able to reach one of our goals of donating a portion of book sales towards a cause of our choice that helps animals!

Emma and Uncle Rob At PetSmart Before Making A Money Donation And Giving A Signed Book To Lucky Paws Rescue!

Emma was given the option to donate the money to wherever she chose and her decision was Lucky Paws Rescue! Lucky Paws Rescue is the same rescue that Emma and her family adopted Nala from!

We were happy to work with Alix at Lucky Paws Rescue to set up a time during an adoption event at PetSmart when we could meet and make our donation!

Emma was very proud that day and had a feeling that her efforts were helping the animals! Thank YOU ALL for purchasing Nala’s Adoption Adventure and helping us help animals!



Emma Phipps and Uncle Rob Anderson Donate a Signed Copy Of Nalas Adoption Adventure and a Check For $30 To Lucky Paws Rescue! Thank YOU For Making This Possible!

Emma Selling Signed Copies of Nala’s Adoption Adventure at Their Garage Sale!

Today Emma and her family had a garage sale to make some money off of their gently used items. Emma decided this would be a great time to sell copies of her new book Nala’s Adoption Adventure and to sign them in person as well! She proudly displayed the Register-Guard article that she was in on the front of her sales table so people would know she was the author! She even had some local fans come and purchase the book and take a picture with her as well! Em made some money and had a great time doing it!


Emma’s Neighbors and Local Fans Taking A Photo With Author Emma Phipps After Purchasing A Signed Copy of Nala’s Adoption Adventure!

Emma Was Interviewed to Read Our Book at the Eugene Public Library in June!

Today was super special as Emma and I met with Cara Haakanson at the Eugene Public Library so that Emma could be interviewed to do a reading of “Nala’s Adoption Adventure” during a future “Pajama Storytime!” Emma did GREAT and Cara seemed excited to have her read and they were also brainstorming a fun craft to do during the event as well!

Pajama Storytime is for children ages infant to 7 years old…and like the name says you CAN wear your pajamas! It happens every Tuesday at 6:30 pm and Emma is (currently) scheduled to read on Tuesday, June 12th at 6:30 pm! We’d love to see you there!

Emma Doing A Practice Read While Cara Watches and Listens!

Donating Our First Book To A Veterinary Clinic!

Today we FINALLY had the chance to achieve one of our goals of spreading the word about “Nala’s Adoption Adventure” by donating books to waiting rooms! The first types of businesses we decided to donate to are Veterinary Clinics and Animal Shelters!

We had the BEST RECEPTION when we popped into The Ark Veterinary Clinic to Donate a copy of “Nala’s Adoption Adventure” for their waiting room! The ladies there are AWESOME and LOVED the book! We are SO HAPPY that our book found a GREAT new home!  ***Special Shout Out to Dr. Laura Hardy for the great info on where we can share more books!!!***

In the future, we look forward to setting up a way we can donate and share “Nala’s Adoption Adventure” (and other future books) with businesses for their waiting room and/or lobby areas! Until then, please FEEL FREE to purchase copies to leave in waiting rooms and/or lobbies of your business (or businesses you think could benefit from having this great book in) at

This is an example of how the book that we left for the ARK Veterinary Clinic looked with the donation sticker on it! We look forward to doing more of this in the future! 🙂

We Were Interviewed by Alisha Roemeling From The Eugene Register-Guard!

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alisha Roemeling of the Eugene Register-Guard about “Nala’s Adoption Adventure!” It started by meeting Andy Nelson (the awesome photographer) in the front office of Meadow View to get some pictures for the paper. Alish Roemeling walked in as Emma was sitting on the floor having a picture taken of her reading our book!

Alisha was a great interviewer and had lots of awesome questions for Emma and Uncle Rob! Emma thought that it was AWESOME that Alisha was a dog lover as well and even has a Border Collie that she loves to go hiking with! This was a super fun interview and we can’t wait to see the newspaper article when it comes out!

*Special Thanks to Pat McGillivray for reaching out to Alisha Roemeling and the Register-Guard about our story and making this all possible! 🙂

Andy Nelson taking a picture of Emma in her school’s library!

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